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Parking your car in front of our hotel:
Because of the high tariff of the parking places, we do not recommend coming to the hotel by car. When parking your car in front of the hotel we recommend getting a ticket for approximately 10 minutes, before you check in. The cars are checked often for valid tickets and a fine costs about €130. Be aware that the you need to pay for parking in the weekdays from 7.00-00.00h and on Sundays from 12.00-00.00h.

The public car parking in front of our hotel is not owned by The Toren. This is public parking and we are not able to pre-reserve a parking space. However, usually there is space available within 5 minute walking distance from our hotel.

Tickets are only available by the parking automats and you will need a credit or Maestro card to pay.

Prices of parking cards:

  • Day card (24 hours) €57
  • Evening card (19.00 - 24.00) €20
  • Hour tariff (60 min) €5

Parking your car in a garage within 10 minutes walking distance:

There are also several parking garages in Amsterdam close to the hotel. The costs of the parking garage are the equal to parking in the street in the city centre. You are able to drop off your luggage first at any time and then we can point out the directions for you to the nearest parking garage.

Parking your car in the parking garage ‘IJdock’ which is only a 17 minute walk from the hotel. This parking garage is located under the Palace of Justice and the costs are €25, per 24 hours.

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